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Mr. S V J Raju An exemplary visionary, a strong entrepreneur and a highly disciplined individual, Mr. SVJ Raju is highly renowned in the pharma sector. With over a quarter century in the Indian pharma field he has conceived the idea of establishing Vijayasri and has been the pivotal force in determining the organisation’s success since its inception. With a background of electrical engineering Mr. Raju’s venturing into pharma paved way for his gaining exceptional knowledge of the domain. His ability to identify opportunities that can be converted to success has been one of the primary forces that built the company. Mr. Raju for over three decades has demonstrated sheer perseverance and a diehard determination to ensure the success of the company and has also been responsible for creating a highly resourceful team that adds considerable strength to this magnificent endeavour.

Mr. K.V Rama Rao A graduate in sciences from Andhra University, Mr. Rama Rao was the Co-founder of Vijayasri. His exceptional prowess in identifying growth prospects and his accomplished business planning has been a phenomenal strength to the company. His vast experience in the chemical and the pharma sectors has enabled the organisation to establish firmly into a competitive arena. Responsible for chartering the growth of the company since its inception, Mr. Rama Rao has time and again brought in refreshing ideas and novel practices that had helped the organisation stay ahead. As one of the chief forces in creating the present stature of Vijayasri, Mr. Rao's profile is one of sheer mastery in management.

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Dr. Christopher Newton is foreknown in the US as a respected scientist and pharmaceutical business strategist from the pharma sector. With a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry his experience in Drug Discovery and Research, and his strong knowledge of QMS and Regulatory Affairs have earned him an enviable repute. Having developed over one hundred pharma product process designs he also has several challenging research articles in Chemistry and Pharma domains. As an Independent Director at several drug patents to his credit. Dr. Newton also has published Vijayasri Organics, he is a strong ally in providing innovative technologies and expertise to our company to manufacture and market products in American markets.

Mr. Avinash Vatchavai is a second generation professional with an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Texas, Arlington, and a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from CBIT. His exposure to newer processes, regulatory affairs and quality control in international pharma business is a strong asset for Vijayasri Organics. He also is responsible for monitoring management systems and ancillary operations in the company. His innovative thought process in management is certain to develop the company’s prospects to great heights in the days to come.

Mr. Abhinav Vatchavai earned his Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Wayne State University in the US after his BE Mechanical from CBIT. A second generation thoroughbred businessman. His exceptional sense of direction holds the beacon of light for the future prospects of Vijayasri Organics.

Sai Krishna Karuturi is a second generation professional with an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Texas, Arlington, and a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from CBIT. He is a result driven expert financial manager who also attained hands on experience in day to day operations and sales which helped him understand the role of financial management at every juncture. With a strong drive to develop and implement financial controls and in addition increase productivity, his attention to detail and in depth analysis of day to day financial operations will certainly contribute to the success of the organisation in the years to come.